Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3rd Grade Georgia O'Keefe Flowers

Third grade completed these lovely flowers after looking at artwork by Georgia O'Keefe. Students began with a white sheet of paper and pictures of O'Keefe's work. Students drew the flowers with pencil first, then traced over the lines with heavy black crayon lines. Students then used glue to trace over the crayon lines and the flowers had to dry. The next class period, students discussed color schemes and used chalk to color the flowers. As students were finishing, I gave specific instructions on how to add pop with a little color on the outside of the petals. The flowers were given a frame with construction paper and laminated to ensure they would stay smudge free.

2nd Grade Winter Trees

Second grade viewed photographs by Ansel Adams. Students discussed the difference between a photo and a drawing. Students were given a piece of paper and instructed to draw a tree and a ground line. Students then painted the tree black and the snow white. We then talked about how snow covers a tree from the top, not the bottom. The second graders did a great job!

Ceramic Rattles

5th Grade Ceramic Rattles

Fifth grade has done a wonderful job on the rattles. Students began the project by making two equal pinch pots. Students then rolled about 10 small pieces of clay to go inside the pinch pots. The small pieces had to be very dry so that they would not stick together. Students used slip and score methods to attach the two rattles together and created an animal out of the rattles. Three small holes were poked into the rattle to allow for ventilation. The rattles dried about one week and then were fired at cone 06. Students then painted three coats of Mayco glaze and an overglaze and the rattles were fired again. I think they are great!