Monday, October 17, 2011

1st Grade Pumpkins

1st graders learned about the primary and secondary colors. I read the book Mouse Paint, which is all about color mixing. I use old ice cream tub lids for paint palettes. Students each got their own plate, and I poured the primary colors and let them mix the secondary colors. Students painted black construction paper purple for the background, and we added a little white and purple glitter paint to glam up the purple. Students mixed orange and painted a big circle on some old scrap paper I have. Then students mixed green. This took about one hour. When 1st graders came back, we talked about the background, middle ground, and foreground. Students collaged the pieces together to make a pumpkin. I know that not everyone celebrates Halloween, so students had the option here to stop and just make a pumpkin, though most wanted to make a jackolantern. I demonstrated making different expressions, and let the students get to work. I love how all of the faces are so different!

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