Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ceramic Leaves

This is one of those projects you see not sure exactly who to give credit to, but I have been wanting to try them for so very long. I did these with 5th grade, though they are easy enough that just about any grade level could do them. We talked about about organic/geometric shapes and about the different ways to work with clay. Fifth graders rolled out a slab, and selected a leaf from a nature walk outside. (I think all of the leaves came from the same few trees). We pressed the leaves into the clay and traced them. After the leaves were bisque fired, students glazed them with the glaze of their choice. They are the Mayco Crystallite glazes and the colors are fantastic!

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  1. Hi! The glazes you chose look really nice on the leaves. I'm always kind of up in the air about glazing so it's nice to see them used on an actual project. (the little tile in the catalog just doesn't do it for me). Thanks for posting the name of the glaze. I'll put it on my list for next year.