Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ceramic Snowmen

I did these fabulous snowmen with kindergarten last year. We talked about small, medium, and large, and I had a cute story about snowmen that I can not remember at the moment. Students rolled three balls of clay, one small, one medium, and large. They stacked them and I came by and poked a pencil almost all the way through the three balls of clay. This was to provide an air hole, as well as help the pieces stick together. I also poked holes in the side where sticks could go for arms. I showed them how to make a hat and scarf. I fired these on cone 06 very slow, then I had my assistant help them to glaze the scarves, nose, eyes. She worked with them individually, I realize that most people do not have an assistant so this is not a reality. I only have one for kindergarten. The snowmen took about two months from start to finish, and yes, there were spring blossoms on the trees when they finally took them home, but they are something to enjoy every year.

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