Sunday, October 10, 2010

Silly Portraits

I think this might be my most favorite project ever!!! These were done by first and second grade and they are a hoot! I totally copied this from Mrs. Picasso's art blog, so thank you for the wonderful idea. I let the students select the background paper, then the color for the face. We tore the shape of the face out together, then worked from the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hair. That took about one hour, with cleanup and line up. We used glue sticks for this part. The next class period, we glued the 9 inch x 12 inch paper to a 12 inch x 18 inch black paper. Then the fun began. I had old bottle tops, pencil erasers, forks, stamps, and other random things that the kids used to stamp. We used black tempera on old plastic lids. I showed them what "going too far" meant, then let them go to town. I had very few students that put too much detail, so really everyone had a great project. The compliments have been nonstop, and I think everyone is proud of their work.

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