Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funny Day in the Art Room

This is really not a post about a lesson, but just a funny thing that happened today. I had a 5th grade class that was glazing ceramics. I have 12 brand new pint sized bottles of glaze. I gave the class a run down of glazing, telling them to be conservative as the glazes are not cheap. Just as I finished my spill, one student picked up a bottle and shook it as hard as he could. What he did not realize was that the top was not on. Glaze flew out all over the student, me, and several others close by. For a full five seconds, everyone just kind of stared at each other as glaze oozed down the wall. Well, what else could I do but laugh. I sent four kids to the office to get clean clothes and a few to the bathroom to wash off. I spent the next hour cleaning glaze from the ceiling, table, floor, chair, and wall. We readjusted about 30 minutes later and got back to work. While the class was not their usual calm, they were ok. The student apologized at least 10 times and offered to buy new glaze. I told him I thought we would be ok, but to be extra careful next time. I guess it is things like this that make me realize that you have to go with the flow sometimes.

I know that student did not mean to fling glaze every I giggled, and the rest of the class was lost.
I was telling the class how the glazes are expensive

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